A mix can make or break your music as an artist ...and that applies to us as producers as well. If your instrumentals don't sound high quality you can lose out on artists and labels picking your beats. I've seen it happen first hand!!! If you like the mix of any of the instrumentals on this site lets work together and discuss having your beats mixed by me to save yourself the time and money. I use top of the line software and hardware and have years of experience mixing music for label situations... utilizing tips and tricks I have learned from some of the biggest names in the game! 


1 beat-   $35

2 Beats- $60

3 Beats- $85

5 Beats- $140

Bundles for more than five beats are available upon request.


How To Order

Email officialnonametim@gmail.com letting me know how many beats you need mixed. You will then be sent a PayPal link for your order. Once payment is received I will need you to send me the full length .wav track outs for each beat as well as the tempos. If you have any questions regarding these things, don't hesitate to ask! Turnaround time is 1-3 days depending on my schedule at the time of ordering.

You will get back a mixed .mp3, a mixed high quality .wav and the fully mixed .wav trackouts for each beat you send.